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BOLD Holidays

We fabricated and installed a magnitude of stuff for BOLD Holidays in Beverly Hills, a festivity that stared on Nov. 15 and ended on Dec. 22.
We printed this 48″ x 360″ vinyl banner that spans the entire length of the stage, the giant BOLD Holidays stage logo was cut out of 2 pieces of 14′ x 9′ Gatorfoam panels, then we adhered the printed decals onto them, and we installed everything the night before the event! We printed directional signs which are all over the place, an 8’ x 8’ living mural, an 8’ x 8’ media wall and an 8’ x 10’ ‘Peace’ media wall.
It was a great success but as wildfires continued to burn in southern and northern California, Mayor Julian Gold took a moment to recognize the victims. City, Rodeo Drive Committee and Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce representatives presented representatives from the Red Cross with a $126,750 donation, and a planned fireworks display was canceled out of respect to everyone affected by the fires.

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