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Weird City gym signage by Collins Visual Media

Weird City

Check out this scene from #WeirdCity where we went and installed some Adhesive vinyl on the floor as well as the signage on the windows! Pretty cool huh! #LosAngeles #CVM #weirdcity #FastandDangerous #vinyl #bestofthebest

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Freeform Summit 2019

The one-day Freeform Summit brought together industry professionals, focusing on creating change, and revolutionizing the concept of the pageant, thus The UnPageant! We set up this “Be whoever the FF you want” media wall and red carpet for these ambassadors…

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Cut out letters created for this gorgeous spring hedge wall.


CNC  cut out letters created for this gorgeous spring hedge wall. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is a system for the creation of precision-cut, beautiful dimensional lettering, logos and complex shapes. CNC routed letters, signs and logos can…

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Stair and entrance decals were fabricated by @CollinsVisualMedia

Soul Cycle

"Music connects us; it moves us; and it changes us." Thanks for kicking us off @MelanieWhelan1! Stair decals and giant spoke decal were fabricated and installed by @CollinsVisualMedia! Giant spoke decal was adheared to a preexisting half circle door entrance…

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