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Custom court logo

Custom court logo for Katy Perry's new video, "Swish Swish".

Collins Visual Media printed, fabricated and installed this custom court logo, with court-safe, removable, adhesive decals for Katy Perry’s new video, “Swish Swish“, that was released on August 24, 2017.  Also created were these three, over-sized, cut-out heads. We CNC-cut them on Gatorfoam, and then adhered the printed, vinyl decals of Katy Perry’s face to them!

Gatorfoam cut-outs of Katy Perry's face!

“Swish Swish” is the third single off of Katy Perry’s fifth studio album, Witness. It marks the first song featuring vocals from both Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. It is a self-empowerment anthem that calls out haters. Katy has mentioned that her album is about a “360° liberation” and this song is about escaping pointless negativity. The central hook uses the image of a basketball player consistently scoring points, imitating the ‘swish’ sound of the hoop’s net.

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